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Welcome! I am a senior assistant professor at the University of Cagliari. I'm also affiliated with CRENoS.

I am an applied microeconomist studying incentives in public organizations, risky behaviors, and decision making under risk. 

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2018 - Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Phd in Economics, cum laude

2013 - Universitat Pompeu Fabra, M.Res. in Economics

2011 - University of Essex, MSc in Economics, with distinction

2010 - Università degli Studi di Cagliari - Laurea in Scienze Economiche, magna cum laude

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Published papers

Depowering Risk: Vehicle Power Restriction and Teen Driver Accidents in Italy

with Silvia Balia and Rinaldo Brau

The Journal of Law and Economics, Volume 66:4, 2023, 765-795

(Abstract & Figures from the paper)

     Media coverage: VoxEu

Choosing Not to Lead: Monetary Incentives and Political Selection in Local Parliamentary Systems

with Andrea Caria and Fabio Cerina 

European Journal of Political Economy, Volume 79, September 2023, 102406

(Abstract & Figures from the paper)

The Effectiveness of Promotion Incentives for Public Employees: Evidence from Italian Academia 

with Lorenzo Pandolfi

Economic Policy, Volume 37, Issue 112, October 2022, Pages 697-748

(Abstract & Figures from the paper)

     Policy brief: Economic Policy Panel

Cutting Through the Fog: Financial Literacy and Financial Investment Choices

with Lorenzo Pandolfi

Journal of the European Economic Association, Volume 19, Issue 1, February 2021, Pages 237–274.​

(Abstract & Figures from the paper)

Working papers

Work in progress

The Effect of Tenure-track Systems of Selection, Productivity, and Fertility in Economics

with Roberto Nisticò and Lorenzo Pandolfi

A Mentoring Program for Women Empowerment

with Michele Giannola, Lorenzo Pandolfi, and Valeria Zurla

Choking Under Pressure and Risk Aversion: Evidence from Football Penalties

with Luca Coraggio and Lorenzo Pandolfi

The Whole is Other than the Sum of the Parts. Municipal Mergers and Local Development in Fascist Italy

with Claudio Deiana and Andrea Geraci

Cultural Codes, Institutions, and Crime. Enclosures and Violence in 19th Century Sardinia

with Claudio Deiana



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